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Our Story

The W Place ethos is passionately bound with the understanding we as Malaysians love our food. Be it sumptuous breakfasts, mid morning snacks, gorgeous rich satisfying lunches, tea breaks, luscious dinners and thoroughly decadent suppers we make time for eating.
For W Place, we have lovingly created a range of nourishing, nutritious and wholesome breakfast or snack alternatives to supplement our daily food expeditions. With these delicious options we have also blended the best imported ingredients to ensure you are lovingly enriching your body with essential vitamins and nutrients, but most of all treating your taste buds to a symphony of perfectly blended flavours satisfying all your senses while doing it some good.  
Our golden rule of thumb is to NEVER sacrifice on quality or flavour. Each ingredient we use has been hygienically treated and lovingly processed naturally to provide optimal absorption and digestibility. Each and every single ingredient has been carefully sourced globally to ensure no morsel of grain, fruit or nut is served to you in need of fillers, refined sugars and preservatives.

About Our Founder

Every entrepreneurial endeavour starts with a passion and those closest to the heart will always come from what Founders are most in need of. For Wis Yap the story began in his tiny little kitchen. Having spent too many hours at the office in advertising, skipping meals, rushing to meetings, grabbing snacks and meals on the go filled with refined sugars and saturated fats and empty carbs – he decided enough was enough. Having spent years maintaining a largely sedentary lifestyle with little to no time to exercise he realised he needed to eat better, be healthier and that could only come by knowing what he was putting into his body. Fuelled by his need to eat healthier and understanding his need to nourish from the inside out, he created a few recipes to share with friends and family.

Wis then realised his story was like everyone else's – nobody had time to fuel their days and diets with only the best – and thus W Place was born for Wis to make his delicious and nutritious creations accessible to all.